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First Night

His eyes glowed like candle light,

Soft, but they lit up the room.

His skin, his hair, were soft;

They made their own perfume.


His touch was more gentle than

Rose petals on the bed,

And I was willing to follow

Wherever he led.


That first night we slept together

I watched as he breathed,

Spooned to his back,

Never wanting to leave.


He lightened my heart

And he sent it aloft,

Brushed his lips ‘crost my neck,

Gentle and soft.


Wrapped in the blankets,

Wrapped in our skin,

Soft were the feelings

Without and within.




My life has become a series of rooms
That I enter and visit awhile,
And remembering each can make me feel sad
Or sometimes can bring me a smile.

Though sometimes the doors can open again,
Some of them bear a big lock,
Some of the keys are my memories,
Some of them ruled by the clock.

Can I still climb a tree? I probably can,
I just have to find the right one
With branches in reach, not too far apart…
Hey, that’s sounding like fun!

But can I return to what I once was
As a child or even a teen?
No, time rushes on, in fact I don’t want
To be what I sometimes have been.

Doors open up, some of them close,
Before I can spend enough time
To see if the room will hold something bad
Or something good or sublime.

The room I’m in now holds promise for me,
Changes and chances to take.
It’s all a matter of trusting that God
Will show me which door I should take.

A Day in Tune


A Day in Tune

And the morning came on like a song,
Somewhat sad, but not a dirge,
With cloudy skies, not quite the blues
But almost on the verge.

My mind sang along with that soft silent tune,
And I felt in harmony with it today.
For once, gray skies didn’t depress me,
And they often will affect me that way.

The song is not over, the day is not done,
And the mood is still staying with me.
So I’ll enjoy the music of life,
That’s how I think it should be.



I feel poor, sometimes,
Yet I know
Wealth is more
Than good cash flow.

It’s not a car, or a
Vacation trip,
A summer home
Or sailing ship.

It’s not even
The meal I’ll eat
While some are starving
On the street.

It’s friends and kin,
God’s love and grace,
The smile on a child’s
Glowing face,

A summer sunrise,
A winter moon,
The haunting call
Of a lonely loon,

Yes, I’m wealthy,
I have a lot….
I am grateful
For what I’ve got.

A Message?

In my mind’s eye, a feather falls.
I watch it dance as it descends,
Partnered with sunlight, slow, like a waltz,
To music that never quite ends.
I don’t know what birthed that idle thought,
Or what that feather possibly means,
But I felt peace to watch it fall,
Reminiscent of pleasant scenes.
The feather was pure, the brightest white,
And sunlight painted it gold,
I watched it fall with wonder and awe,
Not feeling hunger or cold.
Maybe, just maybe, it signified
An angel has watched over me,
And it has shed one glorious plume
To send a message to me.
I’m never alone, I realize that now,
For God has stood by my side.
He’s given me strength, as well as His love,
And ,mostly, He’s been here to guide.

So Long Ago, A Rondeau


So long ago, it was a happy time.

My childhood days had seemed so sweet, sublime;

I couldn’t see the trials and troubles met,

The worries, woes, that made my parents fret.

I spent my days at play in warm sunshine.

I had been sheltered from a world of crime

And cities filled with sin and filth and grime.

My innocence had not been shattered yet

So long ago.

But I grew up, and change had come with time,

And playful days became a slow, hard, climb.

My heart became full of fear, shame, regret,

And disappointment from goals never met.

I keep looking back at my life defined

So long ago.

Diffused Light


I woke up to obscured skies

When sleep had barely left my eyes.

I knew the damp September air

Hid a blazing sun up there,

But all I saw were wisps of haze

As I shook off my morning daze,

The mists were wrapped around the trees

Undisturbed by random breeze;

I imbibed the fog-veiled sight

Of early autumn’s diffused light.

Dawn’s tendrils wrapped my mind in bliss

When I received  its wake-up kiss

Of mist upon my thirsty skin

And peace upon my soul within.

Dawn: a ghazal


Dawn, a ghazal

Darkness fell away before the dawn,

Letting gentle rays restore the dawn.

The birds of morning shook off the dew

And sang their songs to adore the dawn.

In semi-sleep, eyes barely open,

My first thoughts were to abhor the dawn.

But the glory of the morning sky

Grew and I could not ignore the dawn.

In sober flight my heart reached for it,

Draped it on my soul and wore the dawn.