Words by Soberflight

poetry and musings

Month: January, 2015

Facing Fear


I feel I’m standing on the edge
Of some high precipice,
And it’s too dark to see
The bottom of this mess.

God calls for me to step
And find the ladder there,
But I’m afraid my foot
Will only find mid-air.

But at last I do
Take a timid try,
And instead of falling
I spread my wings and fly!

Trust God


What did You say?
I cannot hear,
My mind is so
Filled up with fear.

You’ve answered questions
I didn’t ask
And set for me
A lifetime’s task.

You wanted me
To think and grow.
Until this day
I didn’t know

That You’d been saying
All along
You’d show the way
And keep me strong.

I didn’t hear you.
I didn’t know
I just had to trust
And let go.



All my life I have gone
Through the open door.
I never stopped to think
What it was open for.

Rarely did I try to do
A thing that came too hard,
Difficult endeavors didn’t
Meet with my regard.

Now I’m choosing not to pass
Through the open door
But to reach and turn some knobs
And open up some more.



I used to view life like grains of sand
Slipping through my open hand,
And I didn’t care at first how fast
Nor consider just how long it’d last.

The people in my life were there,
Then it seems they went somewhere….
Too soon it was that they were gone
And I was left behind, alone.

It feels like I was reaching for
A bubble that burst. There’s nothing more
But to remember what is gone,