Words by Soberflight

poetry and musings

Month: December, 2013

Unmerited Gift


In the mirror, a bleary face
Once stared out in disgust.
Alcohol had taken me…
A “want” became a “must.”

I hated what I had become,
And didn’t want to see
All the bad things I had done,
What I had come to be.

By God’s good and gentle grace 
I found a better me,
Behind that bloated, bleary face,
My eyes have cleared and see.

What a gift He’s given me,
This new and better life…
And now a chance to better be
A sister, mother, wife.



Why is a cat’s purr
So much like a drug,
I watch her face,
Eyes closed with joy
That she should be
So loved,
A joy that manifests
In a gentle rumble.
Is this truly
The sound
Of serenity?

Daily Worship


The same sun hangs in the sky
That hung there yesterday,
The same prayer was on my lips
When I knelt down to pray.

I know that God is with me
Every single day,
Yet feel that He drew nearer
When I woke up today.

Maybe it’s not His day of rest
That draws Him near to me,
But the day when I approach
To sit at Father’s knee.

Sunday is another day,
I should view all days the same
And approach my God all mornings.
Sunday’s but a name.