Words by Soberflight

poetry and musings

Month: August, 2013

A Place to Rest


We used to have the energy

To dance the night away,

But years crept in so silently

And took our legs away.


We’ve hiked the mountain trails for fun

With food and lots of gear,

But now it’s, “Wanna take a walk?”

“No, thanks, I’ll just stay here.”


Now when we go to a fair

We don’t last half a day.

We eat our fill of funnel cakes

And then go on our way.


But, at least, when I am pooped

And you can use a rest,

I still find warmth and comfort when

I cuddle ‘gainst your chest.

Dainty Hooves


In the morning, ere the sun was up,

I stood within the darkness there

Breathing in the solitude

And dew that touched the pre-dawn air.


The slightest sound came to my ears

From not too very far away,

And I watched the white flag on the hill

As a deer got up from where it lay.


I hardly heard its dainty hooves

As it sought refuge in the trees.

It ran so lightly you wouldn’t know

If it was him or stirring breeze.


So swiftly it did disappear,

I watched the tail in bounding arc.

That was the only thing I saw

In the early morning dark.


I stood there almost mesmerized

Long after silence had returned;

Staring at the dark tree line,

My private dancer had adjourned.