Words by Soberflight

poetry and musings

Month: July, 2013



Enthusiasm….that’s the word.

Excited by the very thought

Of something that he’s seen or heard

Or latest gadget that he bought.


I sit there baffled, left behind,

As he explains the latest rage

In application of ‘lectronics.

I’m handicapped somewhat by age.


 He’s got a life laid out before him;

I wonder if he comprehends

The world he’s capable of changing

When his days of childhood ends.


For now he’s circled by his family,

To his Sitty, he’s her world.

One day he’ll step out on the carpet

As his future  is unfurled.



Morning Treat


She came  from the woods with the morning dew,

Stood there looking, I knew she knew

That I watched her from my trailer door.

She stayed there for ten minutes or more.

Even as my camera flashed

She stood there posing, unabashed.

I wondered why she had no fear,

Knowing that I watched her here.

She turned and looked for plants to eat,

And I considered her the treat.

With my coffee, with my eyes

I drank her vision with my eyes.

God’s Music



In a corner, slightly dusty,

Stands my handmade wooden drum.

In my closet, unused keyboard

Waiting for a tune to come.


The old guitar could use a tuning,

Been awhile since it’s been played.

Wooden flute, dry and quiet,

Where it months ago was laid.


Like my heart, they all lie silent

Waiting for that magic tune

That lends the glow to morning glories

Or puts the magic in the moon.


By themselves, they all are nothing

But a place to gather dust.

It takes a loving hand to play them;

All are silent, my heart is hushed.


Please, dear God, bring me the music

That fills my heart and heals my soul.

Brush the dust from my djembe,

Send me notes to cheer, console.


I listen, and the Great Composer

Has sent the birdsong through the air.

The notes hang in the dewy morning;

I read what He has written there.


Every note placed by His fingers,

Every movement, every part,

Vibrates in a great concerto,

Filling a once-empty heart.